Changes of the state of being in the world are often beyond human sensation. Photography possesses the power to archive every moment, which becomes a beautiful memory of ours. Starting from his first roll of film 12 years ago, Frankie To started the journey of photographing.

While he is a photographer, Frankie is also a fitness professional, Yoga teacher and a Psychotherapist. Many people say, “Never trust what you see in pictures, for all photographers are magicians and liars.” Frankie never agrees on that point of view. He believes that everything has its beautiful side. Many people often choose to see the ugly and pick up mistakes from others to prove that they are better. They often forget to try to appreciate the good things. And many others are simply too busy to slow down their steps, hence miss out all the beautiful beings in this world. Frankie thrives to see things from a different angle. Photo-shooting, for him, is a way of meditation. Slowing down his steps, taking a deep breath, starting to see the world in a different way and then capturing it via photographs fulfill what is his essence.

From Frankie's perspective, taking artistic portrait photos is more challenging than taking those of landscapes and interiors. Yet, it is what he enjoys the most. Ensuring that the models feel comfortable is always Frankie’s highest priority. He is very gifted in communicating with people. Before each photo session, he spends time with the models to understand them more, help them put down their baggage and come face to face with their true selves. In Frankie’s images, not only do you see beautiful faces and figures, but you also find yourself reading biographies of the models.


身為一名健身專家、瑜伽導師和心理治療師,Frankie To 在眾多職業攝影師中顯得別具一格。